Six (6) Creative and Brilliant things you can do with a brown Paper Bag

Before you throw away that paper carrier bag you brought home, read this first. A quick observation will reveal that paper carrier bags is the new trend. Restaurants, boutiques and many retail outlets are beginning to pack their products in paper bags instead of the plastic or polythene bags that we are so used to.

This is commendable, as it will help us solve this plastic waste canker that we face right now. But beyond this, there are several uses of the paper bags that people do not know therefore they throw it away just like the polythene bags. Today, we have compiled Six creative things you can do with that paper carrier bag you brought home. Read it and thank us later.

Six (6) fun things to do with a paper carrier bag

1. Ripen your foods faster and naturally.

In this days that we hear several rumours of people using chemicals to ripen foods such as orange, mango, bananas and pears, you can do yours in the house in a more natural way. Just place the fruit inside the paper carrier bag and roll the top of the bag closed and let it sit for a day or two in a dark place. Fruit releases ethylene gas over a period of time, the paper carrier bag will trap the gas inside which will cause it to ripen faster. This will not work in a plastic bag, because the plastic will trap in moisture and cause the fruit to rot instead.

2. Use it for Art and Crafts

You can cut open a brown paper carrier bag and use them for your child’s art project such as painting and drawing. You can also piece them together and use it to protect your table top during DIY projects in the house.

3. Use it as a rubbish collector

You can use your paper bag to collect rubbish especially from the kitchen

4. Clean windows

Tear open your paper bag, bunch it up and use it to wipe your windows and mirrors to achieve a streak free shine. The paper is good for cleaning as it achieves no lint or streaks after the cleaning.

5. Make homemade popcorn in your Microwave

You can be innovative by using your brown paper to make a superb popcorn. Season your kennels and place them in the brown paper bag. Close and roll the top of the bag, and microwave it. Enjoy!. Read more on how to make your own popcorn here

6. Use it as a Gift wrapper

Cut open the brown paper bag, lay it out flat and wrap your gift with it. As a finishing touch, tie a piece of ribbon around it and you are good to go.

So there you have it, the six (6) creative, intelligent and fun things you can do with that paper carrier bag that you have. In fact you can do more with it. The use of paper bags is encouraged since it will partly help solve the plastic waste menace we face as a country.

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