4 key benefits of using paper carrier bags that you do not know

The latest trend these days is the use of printed paper carrier bags. You would often find men and women of all ages from almost anywhere using them for carrying things. There are key advantages when it comes to the use of paper bags. The rapidly worsening environmental conditions are a growing concern for both governments and environmentalist. This has made the use of environmentally friendly products all the more necessary. Using printed paper carrier bags has been recommended as one of the ways to fight the plastic waste problem.

Therefore today, we present to you the top four (4) benefits of using paper carrier bags:

1. Paper bags are recyclable

Unlike Plastic or polythene bags which are much more complicated and not efficient to recycle, Paper bags are easily recyclable. 70 percent of the paper bags customers receive at stores are made from old recycled paper bags. Plastic bag recycling is much more complicated and not as efficient. The good thing is, if you choose not to use your paper bag again, its biodegradable therefore it has no negative impact on the environment. By biodegradable, we mean bacteria and other microorganisms can feed on it to disintegrate into simpler forms that don’t negatively affect the environment.

2. Paper Bags help in cutting down toxic waste in the environment

In recent years toxic waste has become an issue of concern for many governments and environmental scientist. One of the major reasons has been the use of excessive plastic bags. The plastics are manufactured from petrochemicals, therefore their mining impacts the environment. Their manufacturing causes pollution to the air and water. The plastic themselves have chemicals that when it gets into contact with living organisms, impacts them negatively. This is the reason why many environmentalist and scientist recommend paper bags as an alternative to save the environment.

3. Paper bags are reusable

Brown paper bags have a variety of uses after you bring them home. It can be taken to the shop again to bag future orders. However, they also have many practical applications around the house. It can be used as compost or recycling bags, storage containers or even for the handy carrying of goods to someone else’s house if you are bringing dinner over.

4. Paper bags help to conserve natural resources

In many cases, the paper grocery bags that we see are made from unbleached recycled brown paper which is gathered and processed in a recycling paper mill. This process helps the environment as our natural resources are conserved.

Adopting the eco-friendly paper bags will not only benefit the environment but will also help businesses look more professional and enhance their corporate image when they package their products in it. If you are a company or individual and you want to use paper bags for your packaging, contact us today.

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