Five (5) incredibly smart reasons why you must choose paper carrier bags over plastic

In Ghana many of us call it polythene bags, it’s all over us now. Even when buying sachet water which is already in a plastic rubber, the vendor still gives it to you in a black polythene bag. It is cheap and it is also convenient but it is obvious that its side effects are way above its advantages. This is the reason why several countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, Kenya, and South Africa have come up with laws and regulations to either ban it completely or limit its use.

One trend which is gaining popularity in the fight of this menace is the use of paper carrier bags as an alternative. Paper bags comes at a slightly expensive cost than plastic, but it’s more easy on the environment as its biodegradable, can be reused for other purposes, easily recycled, and more flexible in its use.

We have gathered together five (5) incredibly smart reasons why you may want to adopt paper carrier bags whether you run a business such as a boutique, restaurant, a food vendor, or an event organizer, an individual or a corporate body who is planning any social event.

Five (5) reasons you must adopt paper bags over plastic or polythene bags

1. Enhance your personal look

As an individual, it’s easy and practical to carry paper bags around as you can use them to bring your groceries home or put your items in it. Also most people nowadays prefer using paper bags because they are easy to carry, neat and can hold lot of items. It adds to your status symbol as they can be embossed, also it can enhance your look as the colour may match your outfit.

2. An easy and effective way to market your product

Printed paper bags presents an easy, affordable and effective way for businesses to market and sell their products. When a customer buys your product and you put it in a premium quality paper bag that has your company details such as the product types, address and number on it, they are likely to carry it home, re-use for another purpose or re-package something in it to give to another person. As your paper bag travels around, you are indirectly marketing to people you couldn’t have reached before. These potential customers can call you anytime, thereby increasing sales.

3. Make your Social Event appear classier – use it for your Weddings, Engagement and Funerals

When planning your wedding, engagement, funeral or whatever event, you can use the paper carrier bags as the main tool to invite people. This can be done by printing the event details such as date and venue on the bag, and handing it out to your invitees. Also at the event itself, if you have any gift that you want to give to your invitees, they can be packaged in a paper carrier bag. This is more presentable than the plastic rubber bag often used. Lastly if you want to thank them, or give them a special message, this can be printed on the paper bags and presented to your invitees. A combination of paper bag and a nice ribbon that matches your event colours will bring class and respect to your events.

4. Enhance your corporate image

Businesses small and large can capitalize on the aesthetic nature of paper carrier bags during their brand building activities. The paper bags comes in different colours and sizes. They can be used for product packaging, for promotions or company seminars and workshops. The company’s brand details such as the logo, tagline, vision and mission when printed on the paper bags and given to customers will help the company look more professional, eventually enhancing their brand image.

5. Flexibility

Paper bags comes in different types, sizes and colours. Paper bag manufacturers like us can help you to decide the right size and type of paper bags which fits your project, budget and quantity.

Apart from these uses, the use of paper carrier bags will help sanitize our environment particularly when the streets of Accra and Kumasi is littered with plastic waste everywhere. If you are an individual or a corporate body and you want to explore these benefits, talk to us today, and we will help you make the right choices.

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