Why You Should Own A Good Business Website – A Comprehensive Guide

A business website is equally important for both big and small organizations. With the innovation of new and latest technologies, internet plays a vital role in every aspect of ourRead More

Six (6) Creative and Brilliant things you can do with a brown Paper Bag

Before you throw away that paper carrier bag you brought home, read this first. A quick observation will reveal that paper carrier bags is the new trend. Restaurants, boutiques andRead More

Five (5) incredibly smart reasons why you must choose paper carrier bags over plastic

In Ghana many of us call it polythene bags, it’s all over us now. Even when buying sachet water which is already in a plastic rubber, the vendor still givesRead More

4 key benefits of using paper carrier bags that you do not know

The latest trend these days is the use of printed paper carrier bags. You would often find men and women of all ages from almost anywhere using them for carryingRead More

5 Extremely Harmful effects of using plastic bags that you haven’t been told

Let’s admit it, the streets of Accra is littered with plastic waste especially black polythene bags. How as a country, we allowed ourselves to get to this stage can beRead More

digital billboard advertising

6 Incredibly Useful Digital Billboard Tips For Small Businesses In Ghana

Outdoor advertising is likely the earliest form of advertising not only in Ghana but all over the world. Before the billboard became a freestanding structure, advertisers plastered their snake-oil logosRead More

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