Why You Should Own A Good Business Website – A Comprehensive Guide

A business website is equally important for both big and small organizations. With the innovation of new and latest technologies, internet plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives.

Recently, most start-up business and small scale organizations are supplying their products through the internet. They have come to the realization that people prefer to shop online instead of visiting local markets and stores. No wonder such start-ups have outgrown their competitors very quickly. Somehow they understood that creating a website for their business will make them grow.

A website can make your product and services be identified by thousands of customers throughout the world and so in running a business, you should know what your customers require and what services and products you can offer to them. In this post we take a comprehensive look of why every business in Ghana, small or large must own a good website. For simplicity, we have broken this post into 5 sections which are :

1. Why every business needs a website
2. The benefits of owning a good business website
3. What makes a good business website
4. How to maintain your business website
5. Conclusion

1. Why Does Every Business Need a Good Website?

A good website design plays a vital role in making your business successful. Large organizations own a brand name as well as reputation in the market while startups and small business have to face several problems. To avoid these problems, online web marketing is the best solution for small businesses. If you own a small business and want your name recognized on the internet then you should consider having a solid and robust web presence. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why small businesses need a website:


• Enhance your reputation:

A well-designed website with appealing colours, fonts and accessible web pages will draw more users towards your website. A website with a dull appearance, irregular fonts, and unnecessary information may harm your reputation.

• Grow your business:

People like to visit web pages that are appealing, easy to navigate and contain corrective information about products. The appearance of a website is also important in growing an online business. A catchy logo or advertisement will create interest and awareness among people about your products. Well-designed products along with attractive packaging are also important for every business website. A website with poor appearance is not accepted by visitors.

• Interact with customers:

Online interaction with customers is a must. Create pages with query forms and suggestions. Respond to queries and check out the user’s reviews so that you can improve your website as well as your products. Communicate with customers via email and newsletters. You can opt for a customized email address for your company. Inform your customers about best deals, offers, newly launched products and other details from time to time. It will help you in promoting your brand and goodwill as well.

• Promote your brand:

Building a good website is essential for promoting your brand and business too. Nowadays, creating and managing your own online store is easier and cost effective than owning a shop or office in the local market. A Website is not just about buying and selling products online. It can be used to build your brand, which will eventually help in gaining publicity and demand for your products in the market.

• Compete with the big boys:

With more innovations in the field of technology, the competition has become tougher in every business. Customers search various websites for their requirements. They choose sites providing better services and products. If you do not own a website you will lose your business as well as buyers.

• Advertise products and services:

A website is a platform for advertising your products and services. You can add detailed information about your products. Using your website for placing promotional offers, special offers, and best deals will attract customers and grow your business.


2. Benefits of Owning a Professional Business Website:

Online marketing is considered as a potent tool in gaining popularity regarding brand and services offered by you. A well-designed small business website has many benefits some of which are given below:


Depending on your budget, you can either opt for a high-maintenance website or go in for a low-budget website. And now that majority of the world is on the internet, an affordable way for customers to reach your organization is through a website. Reaching your customers throughout the world via the internet is one the most affordable solution to stimulate your product and services.

Easy access:

You can reach your fixed and potential buyers through a business website. A website is easily accessible. Either you are in the office or at home, people can place orders or review your products and services from anywhere and anytime.

Updated Information:

Online brochures and catalogue contain detailed information about your products and services offered by your organization. Keep on updating your customers about special promotions, events and new product launch in the market.

Time Saver:

Use online brochure and catalogue for product details and services you offer. Adding complete details of each and every product and services on your website will save you ample time and money. It means you don’t have to reproduce them again when doing your paper works say contract negotiations. Also you can use your website as a medium to post new job vacancies to attract the right personnel.


3. What Makes a Good Business Website?

Planning and developing a good website design is very important for your business. The regular users of the website decide whether the website has been well designed or not. A poorly designed website is shunned by the users. A web page should be likable, user friendly and effective. Below are some of the basic features that can make your website popular among users:

  1.  Create a simple, clear and easy to navigate web pages. Make a web page with attractive clickable buttons, easy scrolling and hit buttons. Do not feed unwanted information and images on the website.
  2. Keep the right images on the website. Load good quality images with moderate graphics. Images with heavy graphics take too much to load a page. Make sure every image you use is optimized.
  3. Keep short paragraphs with optimal size and scale. Content should be informative, pertinent and easy to understand. Use HTML codes, CSS and JavaScript for writing content on your website.
  4. Do not use hefty scripting language on the website. Keep options of downloading forms, presentations, and podcasts.
  5. Build a mobile-friendly website with simple features and attractive designs. These websites are more popular among users and can be easily accessible from any part of the world and from any device. Google now ranks websites based on their mobile-friendliness so make sure your website is responsive.

4. How to Maintain your Business Website

If you own a website, it’s your obligation to update and secure your website from time to time. Let’s check out a few things that can help you in maintaining and running your website efficiently:

Virus Free Website

Keep your website protected from viruses, malware, errors and hackers. Install anti-virus software for detecting viruses and errors from your website.

Keep Website Updated always

Update your website on regular basis. If you run a content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, make sure you update all plugins regularly. Backup your site regularly and store the backup files in a remote location such as your Google Drive or OneDrive. Backing up of your website will secure the latest updates and information on your website.

Update Contents

Add new articles, blogs and content to your website. This will give a fresh and innovative appearance to your web pages.

Good thing is, if you’re not a technical person, you can always outsource the maintenance of your website to a professional for a small fee so you can focus on your business.

5. Conclusion:

Building a good business website is a one-time investment for you. It develops your business by increasing the number of customers, publicizing your brand and grossing goodwill in the market. A website will inform online users about your distinctiveness, reputation, your journey of commencing your business and how you develop your business into dreams. The users will also get to know about your organization, services and products offered by you.

Your contact details such as phone number, email address and residential address will help your clients in finding your locality. Inform your customers about special deals and promotions and newly launched products. Use social media for latest news. Check out other sources to know the feedback of your clienteles. Competition has become tougher with the evolution of companies providing online services. Use the best and optimum sources to draw your customers towards your website so that you can beat your competitors.

If you’re going to be competitive, a good website is a must. Plan and budget for it. Often times people make the mistake of giving it out to their “brother’s friend nephew” somewhere for a quick fix. The end result is nothing to write home about. It’s always better when you give it out to the professionals so you get your money’s worth. If you want a quality website just like this, talk to us today.

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