We’re regarded as one of the fastest growing IT companies

A multifaceted Tech. company based in the heart of Accra

Our vision is to be the brand of choice, the go to company that provides the best value for money services in all the sectors that we operate.

kosnec vision and mission

We recognize that our vision is big, but so is our heart.

In this fast-paced time sensitive world, we are faced with highly complex challenges which require time bound solutions.

Our Mission is to use Design and Technology, to provide robust and systemic solutions to these complex problems. This we do, with Speed and Accuracy and that’s “the Kosnec Way”.

Six things that we value most

The reason why you should work with us.

we value people over profit

We value people over profits so we stop at nothing till your project succeeds.


Our working relationship is based on trust. We value every information you share with us and we go the extra mile to protect it.

clarity in communication

We ensure there is clarity in our communication and transparency in all our processes, this enables us to deliver first-time excellent services to our clients.

Customised solutions

We recognize that everyone’s needs are different so we don’t use the one-fits-all approach. Our solutions fits exactly what you need.


We invest in our clients by sharing ideas and innovations to help them to be more successful.

value for money

We provide value for money services to our clients. You can be rest assured that your funds are well spent.

Kosnec's Capabilities

Kosnec Ghana is an independent and fully owned Ghanaian company.
We are duly registered with the Ghana Revenue Authority and the Registrar Generals Department.

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