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At Kosnec, our digitizing process involves more than just scanning paper documents. It involves three well planned and executed stages. These three crucial stages are pre-scanning, scanning and post-scanning.

All the three phases are executed in a strategized manner that ensures optimum results. No need to worry about the security of your business critical documents. We’ve got you covered.

The digitization process at Kosnec

Pre-scanning stage

Identifying Customer needs:

We ask our clients the right questions to identify their needs and understand their exact requirement at this stage.

Document Preparation:

To allow for quick scanning and management, documents are organized in a pre-defined manner. Special care is taken to remove all foreign objects like pins, paper clips, thread, spiral bind, dust and others

Scanning stage

Scanning the documents:

The aligned documents are scanned properly and saved in the required format. Using our high-end scanning software which is OCR/ICR enabled, our technicians see to it that errors such as multi-feeds, blank pages, disoriented pages, and missing edges are fixed before saving.

This operation is supervised by qualified technicians who manually check to see that all the paper documents have been captured clearly.

Indexing the documents:

The Meta data of the documents are captured and saved with detailed file names so that they can be easily retrieved whenever needed.

Post-Scanning stage

Organizing the documents:

The documents are organized into structured and pre-defined file folders per the customer’s requirement.

Packaging the digitized documents:

The error free digitized document is copied onto a desired storage medium, packaged properly and delivered safely to the customer.

the kosnec digtization process

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Home » Our Services » Document Digitization » Digitization Process